If You Love Someone



While We're Apart

Soon you'll be leaving,
and that's not a happy thought,
because I'll miss every single thing,
that your presence alone has brought.

Many miles between us,
several hours to walk,
I'm just glad it's temporary,
and at least we get to talk.

It's going to be so hard,
when I hear our song or your name,
it'll remind me of you greatly,
it just won't be the same.

I am, oh so very grateful,
for being with you so,
being able to know you,
before you have to go.

You don't know how much,
you really mean to me,
and when you're gone,
how incomplete I'll be.

You're like my other half,
without you, it's wrong,
because never in my life,
have I felt a love so strong.

I know that, for you,
this feeling existed before,
I just hope that you and I,
obtain a higher score. 

What we have is better,
than what I've seen onscreen,
because we're not only a couple,
we're almost like a team.

Sometimes I think I'm dreaming,
that all this is too good to be true,
that I am actually blessed,
to spend my life with you. 

I wouldn't make the trade,
or a thousand other wishes,
in exchange for your love,
or sweet and wonderful kisses.

No words can possibly explain,
how much I love and care,
for someone as incredible as you are,
and I hope it all stays there. 

I hope that while you're gone,
in eachother's hearts we'll stay,
because I don't know if I can take it, 
If someone took you away.

Please don't let the feelings fade,
to anything less or slow,
because as soon as you return,
our love should continue to grow.

I've got to admit,
you're one of a kind,
and I trust you truly,
with this heart of mine.

So as you board that plane,
take my heart and fly,
cherish it, as I do you,
don't leave it out to dry.

I will be ever so patient,
as I wait for your return,
and then our flame of love,
will rekindle and start to burn.

Through the days we're apart,
remember you're my everything and more,
never forget what waits for you,
and who my love is for.